Since the day I BC’D (big chop), I have begun to learn so much about my hair and myself. Its amazing how we as women become so attached to our hair. The moment I bc’d was the most liberating experience I think I have ever had. As I cut the damaged permed ends off from my new growth I felt as though I was cutting off all of the negative things in my life. I felt free, I felt weightless and for once I felt ALIVE!!!

My hair journey has been a very long and abusive one. I started receiving perms at an early age. Before the “creamy crack” I would get my hair pressed or braided. One summer I took a trip to the south to visit my maternal family. While there I discovered hair relaxer. I had a cousin who was the same age as I was who was already getting her hair relaxed. I begged my mother to let me get my hair relaxed. I no longer wanted to surrender to the big bad pressing comb, I wanted to be able to have straight hair! I no longer wanted to be the “lil black nappy headed girl.”

If I knew then as a child what I know now as an adult, I would have ran away from the relaxer the moment I came in contact with it!

After years of chemically treating my hair, I have finally built up enough confidence within myself to start my “curly journey.” This journey is long overdue.

I have learned so much in just the few days I have been on this journey. I have learned more about my hair and myself. Im so glad that I chose to show who I really am! Created in God’s image!

About ebony28

Im a new natural curly and I am excited about my new hair journey!! I hope you all stay in contact cause Im taking the world with me on my natural journey!!!
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