Happy New Hair!!!!

Hey everyone!! Happy New Year!!!

With this new year in full effect, I have decided that I wanted a complete makeover!! Every time a new year approaches I always say Im gonna change this or change that. Normally the end result is that I don’t change a thing!

But this year brought about something in me that I have been contemplating for the past 6 months! CHOPPING OFF MY HAIR!!! I know it may seem a lil drastic but its something that I need to do to get my confidence back when it comes to my hair! I have had relaxed hair for as long as I can remember and even before the relaxers, my mom use to hot comb my hair, since she really didn’t know how to really take care of a girl’s hair some of her friends would also keep my hair braided to help her out!.

But of course once I got old enough to do my own hair, the hair torture began! I have over processed my hair, wore weaves (that were and were not always carefully maintained) I have done so many things to my hair that at one point I thought that I had really really messed up my hair and for a long time I didn’t think that it would grown right at all!

But now as I have come in contact with so many women that have decided to grow their hair in its natural state, I have become even more anxious to “go natural” I am very excited about my hair journey and I am even more excited to share my journey with the world!!!

I will be posting a video of my BC (big chop) later on this week!!!


About ebony28

Im a new natural curly and I am excited about my new hair journey!! I hope you all stay in contact cause Im taking the world with me on my natural journey!!!
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