I have finally decided that it was time for a change. Not one of those someday Im gonna changes and not one of those President Obama changes. Don’t get me wrong I love our President but his change is not the change that I am looking for right now.The change that Im looking for is one that only I can accomplish. I was sitting down earlier this week and began to go into deep thought about my life. I after all of these years I finally admitted to myself that I was not happy with my life and where my life is right now.  I have big hopes and dreams just like the next person, but I know that in order for my life to go in the direction that I want it to go I must stop talking about what it is that I want to do and just start doing it! Have you ever felt like that before? I have sooo many plans for my life and I know that as long as I just sit by idle that nothing is gonna fall into my lap. Lets just be real for a second how many of us can honestly say that our BIG opportunity just landed right in our laps with no work needed? I know I cant, but what I can say is that I have had opportunities present itself to me and I either let them fall or I took charge of the ones that were especially made for me.  So now its time for a change of thought. Im done with the negativity and the nonsense.  I am no longer using the words “can’t” “wont” and “don’t” when it comes to my happiness. Positive change and Positive thoughts are all that I want to see and hear.  I know what opportunities are out there for me and they are waiting for me. Im taking them, Im gonna be selfish when it comes to my needs, wants, and desires. I am not longer busting my ass to help those who will not help themselves, I will no longer tolerate nothing less than the best for my family and I. From now on it is going to be all about me and mine. I don’t think there is anything wrong with this change of thought, and honestly Im no longer looking for acceptance from others on this change. From now on its either you are with me or against me and either way my life is my life and Im gonna life it to the fullest!


About ebony28

Im a new natural curly and I am excited about my new hair journey!! I hope you all stay in contact cause Im taking the world with me on my natural journey!!!
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